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Category: DVDRiP

Plot: Cornwall 1895: a blatant swindle by the local bank threatens the life of a remote mining village. The fate of its whole community hangs on the courage of one feisty young maid.

Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 from 25 users
Directed by: Bill Scott
Starring: Jenny Agutter, Helen Bendell, Stuart Boother

Release Name: Tin.2015.DVDRip.x264-RedBlade
Size: 496 MiB
Video: MKV | 720×400 | 739 kbps
Audio: English | AAC | 128 kbps
Runtime: 1 h 33 min
Subtitles: N/A
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“Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer” (original title) — 8 wins & 5 nominations. See more awards »

Plot: The story of the man who brought high-ranking German Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann to justice.

enre: Biography | Drama | Thriller
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 From 1,545 Users
Directed by: Lars Kraume
Starring: Rüdiger Klink, Burghart Klaußner, Andrej Kaminsky

Release Name: The.People.Vs.Fritz.Bauer.2015.LIMITED.DVDRip.x264-RedBlade
Size: 547 MiB
Video: MKV | 720×300 | 727 kbps
Audio: German,English,Yiddish,Spanish | AAC | 128 kbps
Runtime: 1 h 45 min
Subtitles: English (HERE)
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2 nominations. See more awards »

Plot: Following his release from a brutal stretch in prison for crimes he didn’t commit, Mo is struggling to adapt to life on the outside. When his world collides with Doris, a mysterious woman with a violent past, he decides to risk his newfound freedom to keep her in his life.

Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 from 234 users
Directed by: Jason Lew
Starring: Boyd Holbrook, Elisabeth Moss, Octavia Spencer

Release Name: The.Free.World.2016.DVDRip.x264-RedBlade
Size: 576 MiB
Video: MKV | 720×388 | 791 kbps
Audio: English | AAC | 128 kbps
Runtime: 1 h 41 min
Subtitles: English | Spanish (HERE)
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2 wins. See more awards »

Plot: PACKED IN A TRUNK is the story of artist Edith Lake Wilkinson, committed to an asylum in 1924 and never heard from again. All her worldly possessions were packed into trunks and shipped to a relative in West Virginia where they sat in an attic for 40 years. Edith’s great-niece, Emmy Award winning writer and director Jane Anderson, grew up surrounded by Edith’s paintings, thanks to her mother who had gone poking through that dusty attic and rescued Edith’s work. The film follows Jane in her decades-long journey to find the answers to the mystery of Edith’s buried life, return the work to Provincetown and have Edith’s contributions recognized by the larger art world.

Genre: Documentary | Drama
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 from 134 users
Directed by: Michelle Boyaner
Starring: Jane Anderson, Tess Ayers, James R. Bakker

Release Name: Packed.In.A.Trunk.The.Lost.Art.Of.Edith.Lake.Wilkinson.2015.DVDRip.x264-RedBlade
Size: 726 MiB
Video: MKV | 720×406 | 1304 kbps
Audio: English | AAC | 128 kbps
Runtime: 1 h 17 min
Subtitles: English (HERE)
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1 win & 1 nomination. See more awards »

Plot: A kind, broke and dying man , whose best pal is a beautiful pig named Howard , needs to find him a new loving home before he dies. He has what he thinks is the solution in Mexico and drives there with Howard only to see he will be horribly mistreated like all the other pigs waiting to be slaughtered. A great lesson in the sentience of animals, human connection and humanity.

Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 from 348 users
Directed by: Diego Luna
Starring: Maya Rudolph, Danny Glover, Joel Murray

Release Name: Mr.Pig.2016.DVDRip.x264-RedBlade
Size: 488 MiB
Video: MKV | 720×322 | 712 kbps
Audio: English | AAC @ 128 kbps
Runtime: 1 h 35 min
Subtitles: English | Spanish (HERE)
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6 wins & 10 nominations. See more awards »

Plot: Miss Sharon Jones: Dreams never expire but sometimes they are deferred. Miss Sharon Jones follows the talented and gregarious soul singer of the Grammy nominated R&B band “Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.” In the most challenging year of her life, Sharon Jones confronts pancreatic cancer. As she struggles to find her health and voice again, the film intimately uncovers the mind and spirit of a powerful woman determined to regain the explosive singing career that eluded her for 50 years.

Genre: Documentary | Music
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 From 161 Users
Directed by: Barbara Kopple
Starring: Megan Holken, Austen Holman, Sharon Jones

Release Name: Miss.Sharon.Jones.2015.LIMITED.DVDRip.x264-RedBlade
Size: 1.27 GiB
Video: MKV | 720×406 | 1930 kbps
Audio: English | AAC | 128 kbps
Runtime: 1 h 34 min
Subtitles: N/A
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“La tierra y la sombra” (original title) — 1 wins & 9 nominations. See more awards »

Plot: Alfonso is an old farmer who has returned home to tend to his son, who is gravely ill. He rediscovers his old house, where the woman who was once his wife still lives, with his daughter-in-law and grandson. The landscape that awaits him resembles a wasteland. Vast sugar cane plantations surround the house, producing perpetual clouds of ash. 17 years after abandoning them, Alfonso tries to fit back in and save his family..

Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 From 986 Users
Directed by: César Augusto Acevedo
Starring: Haimer Leal, Hilda Ruiz, Edison Raigosa

Release Name: Land.And.Shade.2015.DVDRip.x264-RedBlade
Size: 716 MiB
Video: MKV | 720×398 | 1022 kbps
Audio: Spanish | AAC | 128 kbps
Runtime: 1 h 37 min
Subtitles: English (HERE)
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