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Sunday Sport is a British tabloid newspaper, published by Sport Newspapers, which was established in 1986. It prints plainly ludicrous stories, such as a double-decker London bus being found frozen in the Antarctic ice, or a World War II bomber found on the moon. Defenders of the paper pointed out that it was not intended to be taken seriously. Its controversial content also includes a high quotient of softcore female nudity and extensive advertising for sexual services.

Sunday Sport – 15 January 2017
English | 64 pages | True PDF | 51,77 MB
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Us Weekly is the magazine that keeps the closest watch on the ever changing and ever exciting entertainment industry, unlike any other magazine. It takes you backstage at awards shows and sneaks you into celebrity parties. Us Weekly peers into the minds (and dressing rooms) of the biggest stars, and escorts you around the world to see exactly where and with whom the hottest names in entertainment have been hanging out. Us gives you more access than any other magazine on the newsstand.

Us Weekly – January 23, 2017
English | 72 pages | True PDF | 21 MB
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Star is all about entertainment, from the best and latest breaking celebrity news to the movies and music that everyone is talking about.

Star Magazine USA – January 23, 2017
English | 86 pages | True PDF | 42 MB
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The UK’s biggest games magazine, covering everything Xbox 360. The UK’s biggest games magazine, Xbox 360: The Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) brings you unbeatable coverage of everything Xbox 360. Every issue offers unrivalled access to the world’s biggest games, including innovative feature coverage and expert reviews from our stable of award-winning writers. Find out more on, and catch the OXM Report every week on Inside Xbox on Xbox Live in the UK.

Xbox The Official Magazine UK – February 2017
English | 117 pages | True PDF | 40 MB
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Trained to fight in any climate or terrain.
The best of the best.
Special forces are in the vanguard of modern warfare.
The names of their battlegrounds are familiar.
Vietnam. Mogadishu. Kabul. The Iranian Embassy. Banjul. The Falklands. Grenada.
Surgical strike or counter-terrorist operation, training guerrillas or quashing coups, time has proven that even the smallest number of these highly-trained operatives can achieve what an army cannot.
But not every mission has been successful, and nor has support for them been constant.
These deadly armies lie hidden from public scrutiny.
Who recruits and trains these secret soldiers?
How effective are they?
…and who controls them?
In this chilling analysis James Adams unveils the secret world of the SAS, Delta Force and Spetsnaz.
Adams also reveals the workings of West Germany’s GSG 9, France’s GIGN, Egypt’s Force 777 and Israel’s Unit 269.
Secret Armies is a sobering yet gripping study of special forces and their military and politica role, in an ever-changing world.

Secret Armies by James Adams
English | 420 pages | ePUB | 636 KB

PCWorld is the best source of information on how to select, buy, and use computer products and services for home and business. It’s packed with award-winning articles, monthly Top 100 PC and product rankings, evaluations and ratings from the PC World Test Center, tips, how-tos, consumer advice, step-by-step guides, and more.

PCWorld – January 2017
English | 214 pages | True PDF | 10,12 MB

Expert, detailed, and always beautifully presented, History of Royals regales the immortal stories of monarchs past, from famous feuds and great battles to reviled reigns and doomed romances. Dedicated to uncovering ever more about kings and queens across the world and throughout the ages, History of Royals delivers never-before-read tales alongside tours of great palaces and essential guides to the past’s most influential lineages. With a depth and focus not found anywhere else, History of Royals is the first choice for aficionados of history’s richest corner.

History of Royals – January 2017
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 25,88 MB